About Us


“Established under OLCAY YAPI A.Ş. in 2009, DUKAB YAPI carries out manufacturing processes in a closed area of 2400 m² in Hadımköy, Istanbul.

Our company offers manufacturing, installation and after-sales services for shower enclosures with Ducci products in the field of bathroom and bathroom accessories, which is covered by the construction sector.

Manufacturing at our Ducci plant is 100% domestic with TSE – TS EN, ISO and CE quality certifications, which allows us to have world-class competitiveness.

In Turkey, our company provides pre-quote design and technical support for the projects of Emlak Konut, TOKİ (The Housing Development Administration of Turkey) and leading construction companies in the sector, making significant contribution to the projects with the special solutions it offers. 

Offering installation and service with process phases and experienced personnel in the field, our company has managed to rank amongst the respected manufacturers in the sector.

Exporting products to Europe, Central Europe, Middle East, Africa, Cyprus and Turkic Republics, our company aims to reach more points of sale to make Ducci a global brand.

Our sales strategy is to serve the retail sector as well as creating mass housing, hotels, recreation facilities, complex buildings and so forth in scope of project works.
Our main principle is to offer unconditional customer satisfaction in accordance with total quality management.

Dukab Yapı, a Ducci shower enclosures manufacturer, is a subsidiary of OLCAY YAPI A.Ş.”